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Facebook anyone?

2010-03-29 00:39:16 by shesmackshard

For the sake of networking, anyone use facebook for it rather than just friends? I find it really easy to talk music and such through facebook or even MSN, so figured I'd get some new collaborators through this :D

Matt Gajewski, my middle name is shown as sauce :P

Add me if you wanna network or collab!


2010-03-27 21:54:24 by shesmackshard

Yeahhhh finally finished the new chicago house :P /321377

appreciate votes, already zero bombed lmao :)

Oh man

2010-03-26 02:21:39 by shesmackshard

I have so much shit to do tomorrow lmao, I really need to fucking sleep XD /320891

vote/review if you get the chance! thanks! :)

Yay! Well, I have fans here who like my french house, and I have even more fans here who like my chicago house. So I did a somewhat of a blend of the two in my new song: /320891

Let me know what you think of the blend if you have the time! Fans of both should like it, but I guess we'll see :)

Thanks again! I appreciate votes/reviews.

Im definitely narrowing down my electronica interests into house, and most of the time chicago... hope people like that lmao


2010-03-23 08:03:47 by shesmackshard

Riiight, bunch of dickfaces continue to bomb my latest submission to epic proportions.

Anyone care to dock some fair votes on my new track? /320176
I'd appreciate it.

Heres the deal

2010-03-20 05:56:54 by shesmackshard

Ive got a hangover. Who knows what that means

Lol, but everyone is. But yeah if you have the time could ya click these two links? They are to 2 songs that I think would give me more recognition. NG and the music industry deal with exposure limits, and I wish to break some barriers :D

My most popular song it seems...the more popular the better :D I had never done hardstyle before this song, nor since this song.
Prfkt.Tempo /313359

One of my more under-viewed songs; Happy-as-hell House Tune;


2010-03-05 22:52:30 by shesmackshard

Hah, sorry to disappoint :|

But Im really happy with my new Chicago House song :D Please vote and review constructively! Im hoping to get top 5 (but who isnt)! /316219


Album package: (webcam reversed it horizontally, sorry haha)


My Favorites!

2010-03-05 04:19:35 by shesmackshard

Projects of different genres Im incredibly happy with the results :D

Orchestral /286834

Hiphop Modern /305871

FRENCH House /312203

CHICAGO House /315334

Much to that Blackhole dudes dismay: Punk /315830

Jumpstyle/Hardstyle /315830

Trance /312357

Techno /313051

Ive covered a lot of bases and these are my favorites of the ones I have covered. I want to do some new metal material (I have old stuff, but meh). I want to do some pop (go ahead laugh) something like Lady gaga or something lmao, and I definitely want to complete some loose ends in electronica and do a Dance song.

Other than that, maybe some new hiphop material and whatnot. But so far I think everything has gone good as far as my progression.

Also, epic mariokart ride in a grocery store

My Favorites!


2010-03-04 03:29:10 by shesmackshard /315830

Anyone here like some Hardcore/Punk? :D