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I've started doing some hiphop beats within the last month or so, particularly this week now that Ive got some time off from school.

I like hiphop with a lot of bass, probably some sick 808 drums and a catchy melody. But I could pull off just about anything as long as I know theres a product in mind for an artist.

Comment if any vocalists might be interested at some point in the near future?

Went on a "registration rampage" the other night. Made a reverbnation account again, and Im actually using it. Made a fan page for Facebook as well.

If any of ya can check out my tunes here on NG or on ReverbNation, and like somethin, I'd appreciate an add there or here, or all three! I will do the same!

Cheers. I'd appreciate music reviews, as always guys.


2009-07-21 20:15:19 by shesmackshard

been a while since I posted here. been doing a lot of self-studying with mastering and whatnot (: uploaded a new trance song, please check er out!

quick genre concept

2008-10-13 17:35:51 by shesmackshard

Well, this is fundementally the genre of metal I'm looking to work with: sic/Admin/practice_blend.mp3

Im sure many know thats EZDrummer vsti, and the guitar is a sample of slipknot's song heretic anthem - I just isolated a few guitar bits and make a few riffs up from it. obviously a collab could/would have vocals and better riffs; more dynamics

Any collab with me could have some synths like Rammstein and such, or it could just be straight heavy like Slipknot or Job for a Cowboy.

Hope some people show some interest (:

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This is how i do! :D

2008-10-12 12:58:31 by shesmackshard

So, figured I'd make an official entry about my music

I've gone by a few names, mainly Agamemn and Juice; for newgrounds I just used my screen name Shesmackshard.

I mainly make video game music (like orchestral and whatnot) and techno-ish things. but when i collab its mainly death metal/heavy metal projects.

I'd be glad to collab with anyone if I have the time! :)

happy music-ing...