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2012-01-25 16:11:14 by shesmackshard

Well this is my first login to NG in a while, and I have a lot of shit to upload. Hiphop, Dance, Dubstep, etc. But the stupid 2 song limit is killing me.

Guess you'll all have to wait for the slow update here OR go here to listen to a bunch of them

Ill keep it short and head over to the forums, but appreciate the love! Seriously, I love my fans, and NG was one of my first music communities.

Please support my new page <333 Much love.

******Theres a little video you can participate in, head over and check out my fanpage status and feel free to participate.


I love you all!


2011-01-31 17:58:06 by shesmackshard VV2E

for contact info!

Update [SxHx]

2010-12-27 10:01:04 by shesmackshard

hey hows everyone doing? thanks to those following me.

and to those who ARE following me:

Ive uploaded a remastered version of Destination:Honour, a classical epic score for my friends RPG "Sin Eternal" made with the RPGToolkit ( - soon to be /386649

Somewhat recently, as well, is my "meditation" instrumental. basically, it was my study/experiment with the use of constants in a beat and mastering the use of repetition while still keeping interest - and as far as responses in communities (including this one somewhat) it went well. /385695

If you havent heard Prfkt.Tempo yet, it had made top 5 a couple weeks ago. My take on some hardstyle techno fusion /378320

And lastly, one of my favorite and popular projects is surprisingly not getting much attention HERE ON NG yet. So, ive made some small changes and Ive reuploaded: /386665

Prfkt.Tempo is getting a lot of love! Thanks you everyone!

add my fanpage :D SmacksHard-Audio-Production-Compositio n/135080146529212

Lmao, yes.

2010-07-27 22:45:14 by shesmackshard

Freaking facebook pages. lol, well, its getting better. starting to get everything set up and finalized. Still adding a lot of music though, so...chill lmao.

Support a fellow NGian :D SmacksHard-Audio-Production-Compositio n/135080146529212?ref=mf

Thanks to fans!!11!

2010-07-27 18:49:39 by shesmackshard

Thanks for all your support over the years - which has mostly been on other sites - but NG has helped a lot. thanks to everyone! I seriously do appreciate every review someone has given me, with good advice outside of bashing hah <3

Please add my Fanpage to get better updates and Demos SmacksHard-Audio-Production-Compositio n/135080146529212

Thanks to fans!!11!

Follow me, SLAVES

2010-07-26 15:58:44 by shesmackshard SmacksHard-Audio-Production-Compositio n/135080146529212

My facebook fanpage, just made it.
I appreciate the love :) /330789

Hardstyle to be exact.

Yay MYSPACE finally :P

2010-03-30 05:05:49 by shesmackshard sique

Finally decided to make a myspace profile for music :P add me!